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  Karin Cadwell  

Upcoming Dates 2018


Carlsbad (Oceanside), CA (M&I) 2-4
Carlsbad (Oceanside), CA (Adv) 7-11
Mora, MN (LCTC & CLC Exam) 7-11
NYC (LCTC & CLC Exam) *SO (there is a wait list available) 7-11
Jackson, TN (LCTC & CLC Exam) Just Added! 14-18
Louisville, KY (LCTC & CLC Exam) 14-18
Kaiserslautern, Germany (LCTC & CLC Exam)*SO (there is a wait list available) 21-25
Sioux City, IA (LCTC & CLC Exam) 21-25
Glenwood Springs, CO (LCTC & CLC Exam)*SO (there is a wait list available) 4-8
Powell, WY (LCTC & CLC Exam) 11-15
Naperville, IL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 11-15
Ft, Worth, TX (LCTC & CLC Exam) 18-22
Metarie, LA (LCTC & CLC Exam) 18-22
Carrollton, GA (LCTC & CLC Exam) 25-29
Miami, FL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 25-29
Spring Hill, FL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 9-13
York, PA (LCTC & CLC Exam) 9-13
Bronx, NY (LCTC & CLC Exam) 16-20
Salamanca, NY (LCTC & CLC Exam) 16-20
Huntsville, AL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 23-27
Mankato, MN (LCTC & CLC Exam) 7/30-8/3
Akron, OH (LCTC & CLC Exam) 7/30-8/3
Lexington, KY (LCTC & CLC Exam) 7/30-8/3
Loveland, CO (LCTC & CLC Exam) 6-10
Savannah, GA (LCTC & CLC Exam) 6-10
Hillsboro, MO (LCTC & CLC Exam) 6-10
East Lansing, MI (LCTC & CLC Exam) 13-17
Alamogordo, NM (LCTC & CLC Exam) 13-17
Maryville, IL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 20-24
Boston, MA (LCTC & CLC Exam) 20-24
Orlando, FL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 27-31
Springfield, IL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 10-14
Milwaukee, WI (LCTC & CLC Exam) 10-14
Columbus, IN (LCTC & CLC Exam) 17-21
Albany, NY (LCTC & CLC Exam) 17-21
Skowhegan, ME (Advanced) 17-21
Newark, DE (LCTC & CLC Exam) 24-28
Belfast, ME (LCTC & CLC Exam) 24-28
Waite Park, MN (LCTC & CLC Exam) 1-5
Chillicothe, OH (LCTC & CLC Exam) 1-5
Grand Rapids (Wyoming), MI (LCTC & CLC Exam) 1-5
Louisville, KY (LCTC & CLC Exam) 8-12
Great Falls, MT (LCTC & CLC Exam) 8-12
Cedar Falls, IA (LCTC & CLC Exam) 8-12
Arvada, CO (LCTC & CLC Exam) 15-19
Hartford, CT (LCTC & CLC Exam) 15-19
Naperville, IL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 15-19
Jacksonville, FL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 22-26
Lima, OH (LCTC & CLC Exam) 22-26
Philadelphia, PA (LCTC & CLC Exam) 10/29-11/2
Bismark, ND (LCTC & CLC Exam) 10/29-11/2
El Paso, TX (LCTC & CLC Exam) 5-9
Champaign, IL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 5-9
Clearwater, FL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 5-9
Germany (M&I) 7-9
Lewiston, ME (LCTC & CLC Exam) 12-16
Madison, WI (LCTC & CLC Exam) 12-16
Germany (Advanced) 12-16
St. Louis, MO (LCTC & CLC Exam) 12-16
Rochester, NY (LCTC & CLC Exam) 12-16
Salt Lake City, UT (MIA) 28-30
Rockland County, NY (LCTC & CLC Exam) 3-7
Salt Lake City, UT (Advanced) 3-7
Oak Park, IL (LCTC & CLC Exam) 10-14
Metarie, LA (LCTC & CLC Exam) 10-14


Lactation Courses

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The Center for Breastfeeding courses are indispensable for professionals working in the area of breastfeeding and human lactation. This includes physicians, nurses, nutritionists, public health providers, educators, lactation professionals, hospital staff, public health/WIC personnel, childbirth educators, public health nurses, nurses who work with pregnant or postpartum women, OB/GYNs, visiting nurses, pediatricians, family practice physicians, breastfeeding advocates, midwives, perinatal outreach workers. For information on our LCTC & CLC Exam and Lactation courses click on the following links for information.

You may now register online or use the registration form to fax or mail. For more information, please give us a call.

Healthy Children Project, Inc.'s Center for Breastfeeding has the expertise to meet your career and personal development needs with a wide range of lactation training programs. Enhance your community or hospital through these courses. And as a dual benefit, for those seeking CLC re-certification, the advanced programs listed here, as well and those listed under conferences, can be used forCLC renewal.

The faculty, Nurse Planner, and Planning Committee members declare that they have no conflicts of interest to disclose. Any royalties from books, DVDs or materials written by Healthy Children faculty referred to or used in these courses have been donated directly to charity.

Meet the Faculty!

Mother and child

 Are you in college or planning to go back to school?

Participants who complete courses from Healthy Children Project can gain college credit recommendations from NCCRS (National College Credit Recommendation Service), accepted at more than 1,400 colleges and universities!

Dr. Karin Cadwell, Executive Director of Healthy Children Project, Inc. (HCP) announced on January 18, 2018 that four lactation courses have received college credit recommendations from NCCRS (the National College Credit Recommendation Service).

This benefit provides learners the ability to gain access to college credits for completion of the following courses by using credit recommendations set forth by NCCRS:

 Lactation Counselor Training Course (3 semester hours)
 Maternal Infant Assessment for Breastfeeding and Human Lactation (2 semester hours)
 Applied Teaching Methods in Lactation Education (3 semester hours)
 Advanced Issues in Lactation Practice (3 semester hours)

While admissions and acceptance of transfer credit isn’t guaranteed, more than 1,400 colleges and universities nationwide currently consider awarding credit based on NCCRS recommendations.

Click the link below for more information, answers to frequently asked questions and the transcript request form.

College Credits Information flyer and transcript request form.